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  1. Lorna Dane/Polaris [Main]
  2. Alison Blaire/Dazzler 
  3. Anya Corazon/Spider-girl
  4. Meggan
  5. Layla Miller


Shuddup. [She picked herself up.] I’m very co-ordinated. 99% of the time.

So…. want to get ice cream to celebrate the 1% of times that I’m more co-ordinated than you?

  {She shot her a large grin }

     Ummmm—I totally wasn’t staring. Nope. Wasn’t me, it was the pigeon. Blame the pigeon.



[Rikki trips, somersaults and lands in a heap on the floor.]

{Anya’s too busy pissing herself laughing at Rikki, she jumps off the bed they were jumping on and onto the floor }

  You okay there, Rikki? You’re such a clutz.


Avengers Academy #13



"Deal!" he said ecstatically. He knew this was going to be fun as he shot his webs into the ground getting ready to sling shot his way into the direction of the tower."3…2…1…GO!" He shot himself high into the sky gaining some major speed ahead of her.

  Anya, being an actual certified Avenger, knew the quickest way to the Tower from this side of town.  Instead of swinging high, she swung around in quite a low arch. Her feet ended up pushing her off the side of one of the buildings as she ran across it, body parallel to the floor, which majorly scared some of the office workers in the building. She continued to zip from roof to roof, occasionally using flag poles for propulsion along the Manhattan sky line. She wasn’t too fussed about winning or losing, she was more enjoying her usual parkouring over buildings.


We NEEEver come undone!

[She strikes a pose, ready for the last verse]

   { Cue headbanging }

Assemble we are stroooooong~!

i finally spotted anya on the spider-verse thing. she’s really tiny and just her head like excuse u anya should be center



Con whistled as he saw the air-trick.”You got some style.” He laughed doing an air trick himself.”Alright then why not race to avengers tower.” He asked.”Loser has to buy the winner lunch. Deal?” He asked as he web zipped up to the roof top.

 Anya threw her head back with a laugh, “Oh, I have all the style, didn’t you know?” She replied, a coy smile replacing the concentrated look she previously had. “Avengers tower? Got it, even if I lose we’re getting Pizza.” She paused for a second, swinging up to the rooftop Con had landed on. “No pineapple.”


[Rikki grabs her hands and swings them both round]


With evil on the ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun~!

{ Anya’s jumping and spinning and giggling in between beats }